Using Bengal Connect

Using the Bengal Connect Web Site

Bengal Connect (at is a USG networking web site set up as an online tool for student organizations at Buffalo State to organize their group and advertise their activities.

Some of the Bengal Connect benefits for organizations, departments, and programs at Buffalo State include:

  • Create an online community with your current members or staff.
  • Recruit and accept new members into your organization.
  • Showcase all of the great aspects of your organization with news and photo galleries.
  • Make the page visually reflect the organization with your profile picture and cover photos.
  • Advertise your campus-wide events on the Bengal Connect events calendar.
  • Create online elections or surveys and forms, as needed.
  • Share documents, photos, events, and news both publicly and within your organization.
  • Collaborate with other organizations, departments, or programs on campus.

If your student organization is one of the many that does not have an office that you can use as a central location for your activities, your Bengal Connect page can be that "office." There are places to store documents and records, and ways to communicate directly with your membership - just like an office with a bulletin board and file cabinets but with 24 hour access from anywhere.

Check out our “How-To Guide” on Bengal Connect to learn how to use your group's page or, if you are a new group, how to set up a page.

Please contact us with any questions at or by phone at (716) 878-6701.